Dr Vivek Indramohan

Associate Professor and Course Lead - Biomedical Engineering

School of Health Sciences
+44 (0)121 202 4538

With an overseas research student award (ORSAS) and University of Strathclyde scholarship, Vivek completed his Ph.D. (in Bioengineering) in 2009. Following the completion of his research degree, he commenced his work as a Research Assistant at University College of London (UCL) for 6 months, during which he was successful in obtaining a remarkable and valuable opportunity as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Health and Social Care Research at the Birmingham City University. During this period, he was engaged in undertaking biomechanical investigation of one of the patented medical devices designed by BCU.

In addition, during the same period Vivek also undertook substantial plan of action to identify and accomplish various professional needs so as to emerge as a successful academic member of staff within the faculty. This eventually allowed him to contribute to various learning, teaching and research activities for undergraduate nursing students within the Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences.

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