Martin Goldberg

Martin Goldberg

Lecturer in Clinical Microbiology

School of Health Sciences
0121 331 7236

Martin has a wide range of expertise which includes clinical and diagnostic microbiology, bacterial molecular biology / genetics, food microbiology / safety, discovery of novel antimicrobial compounds and bacterial physiology. This range of expertise is vital when working in a biomedical environment where a broad knowledge is needed to understand and advance our understanding of this rapidly evolving field. Martin has been applying his experience to develop a novel non-toxic antimicrobial compound with the potential to treat tuberculosis and a range of multi-drug resistant pathogens such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile.

Martin teaches microbiology to our first, second and third year undergrad modules, BMS4005 Introduction to Microbiology, BMS5002 Infectious Diseases and BMS6000 Control of Global Infectious Diseases and is leader of BMS5002 and BMS6000. He also teaches statistics on the BMS5005 Research Methods module where he is joint-module leader. Martin supervises undergraduate projects with a microbiological theme on topics like drug-discovery and biofilm research.

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