Dr Martin Figgitt

Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences

School of Health Sciences

Martin has a very strong and varied biomedical science background having been engaged in both research activities and clinical diagnostic services.

His clinical science experience includes working in hospital blood sciences laboratories performing various blood tests, such as full blood counts, coagulation screening and blood film analysis and blood transfusion serology and cross matching. Other clinical experience involved working clinical genetics centres, performing a range of genetic tests such as cytogenetics, molecular cytogenetics and DNA sequencing, on pre-natal, post-natal and cancer tissue samples.

His research activities have been in the areas of genomic instability in particular in relation to radiation exposure, nanoparticle toxicology and ageing. These have been undertaken in various research establishments in the UK such the Medical Research Council, Harwell, Oxon, and the School of Clinical Sciences, University of Bristol.

Other research activities have included creating three-dimensional collagen scaffolds to be used in producing laboratory skin ageing models. Together with blood vessel and connective tissue collagen scaffolds as possible surgical augmentation devices.

Areas of Expertise
Postgraduate Supervision