How does a Clearing interview work?

Some Clearing courses will require you to attend an interview, so we can get to know you and see if you'd be a good fit for the course. They're a normal part of the application process and nothing to worry about, but to help you prepare and put you at ease, we’ve listed all the important things you need to know about Clearing interviews

After you’ve given us a call on the Clearing hotline and booked an interview slot, you’ll be sent some further information about your virtual interview. 

Before your interview, you should…

  • Know how to access Microsoft Teams on your computer, mobile or other device. All interviews will be held virtually, so make sure you have the app installed on your device and that you know how everything works.
  • Make a note of the time and date of your interview so you don’t forget.
  • Research the course you have applied for and current affairs surrounding your subject. In your interview, you might be asked why you're interested in the course or subject in general.
  • Get practising! You could ask a family member, friend or teacher to do a mock interview with you. This will help you to prepare some great answers and calm any nerves you may have ahead of your interview.
  • Think of some questions you might want to ask us, this will show you're genuinely interested in the course.
  • Get in touch as soon as possible if you require any reasonable adjustments for your interview.

On the day of your interview…

  • Make sure you have enough time, you don't want to have to rush off and cut your interview short.
  • We will need to be able to see and hear you clearly. Ensure that you are in a well-lit and quiet space for the interview. Also, make sure that you're on your own and there isn't too much background noise. If we can't properly conduct the interview, we may ask to reschedule.
  • Don't leave everything until the last minute! Join the interview by clicking the Microsoft Teams link you have been sent at least 5 minutes before your start time to ensure your equipment and device are working properly.
  • Be patient if the interview doesn’t begin straight away, there may be a slight delay to your start time but don't panic, we will join you as soon as we can.
  • You will be joined by two members of academic staff who will introduce themselves to you, ask you questions and give you the chance to ask them questions too.
  • Remember to relax and enjoy yourself. This is your chance to chat with people with similar interests as you and to show them that you're enthusiastic about the course you've chosen.
Please note:

For the interview to take place you must be able to verify your identity with a photographic ID, such as a current valid passport or full/provisional photo driving licence.

We will attempt to make any reasonable adjustment if you wish to decline the interview. However, please note that at this time we expect all interview sessions for this academic year to be conducted online.

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