Shanza Naeem

Biomedical sciences - BSc

Shanza moved to the UK only a couple of years before starting university and knew she wanted to study in the medical field. After missing the UCAS deadline and not getting the results she had hoped for in college, she found her dream course through Clearing.

‘After moving to the UK for college, I was then able to apply to university here which is something I really wanted to do. I wanted to continue my studies in the UK as I had enjoyed my college experience and wanted to enhance my skills and grow my friend circle. I missed the UCAS deadline and received disappointing college grades, which meant my only option was to go through Clearing if I wanted to start university that academic year.

Growing up, my parents wanted me to go to university and study something medical. They influenced my decision to go into the field, and from there I grew a big personal interest in it. Not only did I want to go to university to study, but I also wanted to be more independent and have full control of my time. Now that I am graduating, I can see how much I have grown and matured, and I have a better understanding of the medical industry.

I would advise all college students that if they miss the opportunity to apply to university, consider looking at the courses that you can get on through Clearing. You may find a different course that what you originally applied for that is just as suitable for you. I initially wanted to study the General Practitioner course but that wasn’t an option through Clearing, so I started looking at other medical courses. I discovered that the Biomedical Science course was very similar to the General Practitioner one and was one of the Clearing options. Thankfully, I was offered a place and started university that September. I will forever be grateful that Clearing gave me the opportunity to fulfil my dreams in the industry I have always wanted to work in and the same could happen to you!

BCU were extremely helpful throughout the Clearing process and supported me with the issues I was faced with. Not only did BCU help through Clearing, they continued to support me throughout with academic struggles I had. I’m coming to the end of my four years at BCU now and throughout that time, I can’t fault the support given. When I started, I had only been in the country for a couple of years whilst at college, so I was still new to the UK, BCU looked after me as an international student and helped settle me in.’