Hafsa Rehman

When Hafsa Rehman finished her BTECs and was a few UCAS points short for her chosen courses, she decided to pursue a new career in Business and Management by taking the opportunity to go to university through Clearing. This is her story.

"I got declined from all my universities and I was devastated."

I was able to apply through Clearing early as I did BTECs

"I personally didn't have to wait for my results because I got mine as soon as I finished college because of my BTECs. So I wasn't stressed about waiting for my results like A-Level students were. My personal stress was whether or not I would actually be able to get into uni, because I didn't have anything sorted and I didn't sort it out until it was really late! 

"When the time came, it was hard to see my results and I had the initial panic. But then I called the Clearing hotline, looked through the courses they had available and found the one that's right for me."

Don't forget, after you get your Clearing place you still have to sort out accommodation

"After I got my Clearing place I had to get all my loans and accommodation sorted because it was late, but it was easy - they told me what to do, I knew I had to do it and it was all okay! 

"When I called, the lines were busy because of all the students trying to get places but just stick with it."