Which marketing course is right for you

Marketing is a constantly evolving medium. It is perhaps the business sector most impacted by societal changes – as tastes and views change, marketing has to adapt to keep up. This makes it a very exciting area both to study and work in.

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To make sure you start off on the right path for you, we thought we’d take a look at the different Marketing courses available at Birmingham City Business School, to show you how diverse this area of study is.

BA (Hons) Marketing

Key modules
  • Marketing Foundations
  • Introduction to Creative Concepts and Design
  • Marketing Insights and Analytics

Our standard BA (Hons) Marketing course is for those who want to pick up skills in a wide variety of subjects linked to the area. Although all students have the option to switch to a specialist pathway after their first year should they find a topic they really enjoy, you can also just as easily opt to cherry-pick modules that interest you in your second or third year from across different specialisms. 

BA (Hons) Marketing (Advertising and PR)

Key modules
  • Marketing Communications Planning
  • Visual Communication for Marketers
  • Public Relations Planning and Corporate Reputation

This specialism is designed for those that want to work in the public facing sectors of consumer advertising and public relations. You need only walk down a street to see the far-reaching presence advertising has in our lives. And with more and more firms taking notice of their public profile, PR workers are becoming a more common sight. Both areas of study will set you up to be able to find the best ways possible of selling any given product or business to the target audience.

BA (Hons) Marketing (Digital)

Key modules
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • User Experience and Architecture
  • Digital Enterprise

Digital advertising is still a developing sector – as more and more of our lives are spent online, marketing agencies need to adapt to this new way of selling products. Our Digital pathway will help give you the insight into how traditional marketing methods are being adapted to suit the digital medium, and explore what new developments are emerging in the area. The internet isn’t going anywhere, so it’s a great time to specialise in digital marketing!

Marketing at BCU

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