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Professor Chris Edger examines... the Changing Shape of the Service Sector

In the first of a two-part series, Professor Chris Edger looks at how the Service Sector has evolved since the world recession began.

He examines how customer behaviour has changed, with ever increasing emphasis being placed on quality, service and value. He also reveals some startling statistics - including just how many locations are actually need in the UK for the majority of the population to be within 20 minutes of a 'retail-tainment' destination.


To accompany his video, Professor Edger has produced a 20 minute podcast focusing on the Service Sector Economy.

He talks more about the impact of the recession and why Britain is doing far better than its European counterparts, especially the service sector economy of the 'PIGS' (Portugal, Greece, Spain, and Ireland/Italy).

He also deconstructs the myth that retail, hospitality and leisure is suffering across the board.

About Professor Chris Edger

Chris holds the chair of Multi-Unit Leadership at Birmingham City Business School.

Chris has worked for over 20 years with senior leisure and retail multi-unit operations, sales and support expertise working for domestic and internationally-owned multi-site companies.

His key areas are 'Service Leadership' and 'Operational Improvement and Innovation' within multi-site service contexts.