Dr Mohamed Hawela

Mohamed Hawela 100x150

Senior Lecturer (Course Leader)

Birmingham City Business School

Dr Mohamed Hawela is a well-rounded academic, who is passionate about providing a conducive learning environment for students.

He holds a PhD in Business and Management.  The thesis title is “E-Learning as a Tool for Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management in International Hotel Companies”. 

Dr Hawela has published many conference papers, book chapters, a book and journal articles. In addition, he reviews academic papers for several academic journals.

He has extensive undergraduate and postgraduate teaching experiences in several countries. He taught at all levels from level 4 to level 8. He supervised PhD students to completion and examined PhD students. Dr Hawela would welcome supervising new PhD students.

Since, he joined the Birmingham City University Business School in January 2019, he has designed and developed a new course in Global Hospitality Management. He is highly experienced in designing and developing courses (programmes) of studies at undergraduate and post-graduates levels.

Also, Dr Hawela has provided consultancy to several companies. Especially, in the Middle East and the Gulf area.  

Areas of Expertise
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