Dr Mohamed Hawela

Mohamed Hawela 100x150

Senior Lecturer (Course Leader)

Birmingham City Business School

Dr Mohamed Hawela is a well-rounded academic, who is passionate about providing a conducive learning environment for students. He holds a PhD in Business and Management.  

Dr Hawela has published many conference papers, book chapters, a book and journal articles. In addition, he reviews academic papers for several academic journals. He holds a PhD in Business and Management.  The thesis title is “E-Learning as a Tool for Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management in International Hotel Companies”. 

He has extensive undergraduate and postgraduate teaching experiences in several countries. He taught at all levels from level 4 to level 8. He has supervised PhD students to completion and examined numerous PhD students. Dr Hawela would welcome supervising new PhD students.

He is a senior lecturer in management, management consultant, and researcher with 20+ years of experience in the United Kingdome and other countries. Specialising in strategy, knowledge management, organisational learning; individuals, groups, and organisational development, supporting and nurturing creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, management information systems, and e-learning and training. Currently focusing on the impact of big data and AI on different types of business activities.

Areas of Expertise
Postgraduate Supervision