Postgraduate Study: Building your dream career with an MBA

*DLHE 2015/16

Accelerate your career and build your development towards higher positions of responsibility with one of our MBA courses. 

Our courses will provide you a thorough look at different aspects of management, decision-making, strategy and organisational improvement. 

You will gain invaluable business insight, combined with consultancy, which will allow you to rise up the career ladder. 

We offer three bespoke MBA courses. Each has been created to give you the tools and experiences to make you stand out as a leader in the business world.

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Executive MBA

Accelerate your career and build your development towards higher positions of responsibility with our Executive MBA course. 
Executive MBA >>

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MBA Online

Our new Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) course will help you to develop your career as a business manager.
MBA Online >>

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International MBA

The International Masters in Business Administration has been designed to explore the nature and implications of changes in the business sector and provide you with the skills and mindset that will allow you to operate effectively within such an unstable and unpredictable environment.
International MBA >>

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Doctor of Business Administration

Our DBA course is intended to assist professionals who wish to enhance, contribute to and transform practice. It is a professional doctorate completed on a part-time basis. An internationally established highest level qualification, the programme enables you to earn the title of Doctor without putting your career on hold.
Doctor of Business Administration >>

Why choose Birmingham City University? 
  • You will have various opportunities to network with course colleagues, allowing you to keep in contact with the postgraduate community created in the Business School.
  • You will self-manage your learning, developing your leadership abilities by drawing on your real-life knowledge and skills.
  • You will study on a course that will accelerate your career, building your development towards higher positions of responsibility.
  • You will study on a postgraduate course where our previous students have gone on to work for companies, such as JEAD Management Consulting Limited. 

Colette Simonczyk MBA,
Tenant Services Manager, The Wrekin Housing Trust.