What can I do to prepare for my course at the School of Architecture and Design?

If you are looking to join the School of Architecture and Design this September, look no further for tips and ideas on how to prepare for your course over the summer. We’ve come up with a range of options for you to explore and get you uni ready!


Practice your drawing skills by creating an architectural elevation of one of your favourite structures. This guide is very useful, it contains top tips and explanations of technical terms!

Go Out

Visit The V&A Musuem in London. It’s home to the national collection of architecture, and features drawings and sketchbooks from the 15th century to the present day!

If you want to visit a museum or gallery virtually, from the Paris Museum’s to The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, you can find online tours here.


Create a conceptual model using scrap or bought materials to explore an interesting theme. Either pick a theme, or just open a book/magazine at any page and pick one word from the first paragraph. Dezeen is a great source of models for inspiration.


Read anything and everything. But remember to compare what you are reading to alternative sources – try to get a balanced view that takes into consideration the attitudes of different cultures. You might even want to try writing about the things you feel strongly about, and this could be in the form of a short story, essay or perhaps a blog that you can add to. Neuferts Architects’ Data is an essential read, containing every basic measurement and it’s full of useful information for any architect dealing with building design.


Archisoup is an amazing platform for architecture enthusiasts, providing extensive resources, guides and tutorials. It is a great starting point for researching further into subject-specific areas and topics.

Check out Pantone for colour inspiration and to brush up your knowledge on colour trends. Create your own beautiful colour palettes or photograph exciting colour combinations whilst out and about this summer!


Here are some great films and series you can add to your summer watch list: Abstract The Art of Design series (Netflix, 2017), George Clarke’s Council Housing Scandal (2019), Urbanized (2011) Objectified, 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) and Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982).


If you can visit Birmingham, why not explore an area of the city you’ve never seen before. Create a digital catalogue of your journey, documenting inspiring structures and interiors you come across. Compose each shot in a similar way and crop them each to the same size. Reflect upon your journey and make written and sketched observations of materials, fittings, structure, location, lighting and decoration.


There are many great podcasts out there right now to listen to, which are updated frequently with the latest subjects and interesting insights. We love Archispeak, who share their real-life experiences of working in architecture. Face to Face is great, featuring conversations with the biggest names in architecture and design.


If you are in need of some architecture and design inspiration this summer, here are some great accounts on Instagram we recommend following:

@officesandm @archello @johnpawson @archdaily @snohetta @ihavethisthingwithfloors @marioromanoca @studiosaxe @archdigest @architectureandesign

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