Oliver Chapman

Lecturer in Architecture & Course Director BA Architecture

Birmingham School of Architecture and Design

Oliver Chapman qualified as an architect through Birmingham School of Architecture and Design having studied at the University of Liverpool and Queen’s University Belfast. He currently Lectures in History of Architecture and Design, and is a Design Studio Tutor at Birmingham School of Architecture & Design with a keen interest in unifying landscape and architectural proposals. In professional practice, Oliver has experience designing, detailing and delivering projects in a wide range of sectors across the UK, Europe, Middle East, South Asia and South America since 2008.

Throughout these experiences, Oliver has aimed to maintain a strong connection between design professionals and a wider discourse on architecture, design, and craft, with the ambition to embed a strong sense of place and community in each project. The intense learning and testing environments of both professional and academic studios have been a fantastic test bed to push forward these ideas and help inspire new designers.

Oliver coordinates Superstudio, a school wide initiative that encourages cross disciplinary learning through a plethora of skills, workshops, wellness activities, and events. The programme encourages students to define their design identity through a bespoke portfolio - mixing knowledge from a diverse range of disciplines, from learning how to design sustainable methods of construction and dwelling, to generating amazing digital and analogue graphics. 

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