Luke Reynolds

Luke Reynolds

Lecturer in Digital Design and Representation and Digital Coordinator for Architecture

Birmingham School of Architecture and Design

Luke brings a wealth of expertise as a Lecturer in Digital Design and Representation at the Birmingham School of Architecture and Design. With a commitment to enhancing the student experience and promoting accessibility to digital art and media, Luke shapes his teaching ethos around creativity and innovation in a transdisciplinary approach to architectural communication.

As the Digital Coordinator for the School, Luke spearheads the development of the school’s digital design initiative (DDI). This initiative aims to bridge the gap between digital technologies and design communication, ensuring that graduates are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to meet the evolving demands of the architectural industry.

Luke oversees all aspects of digital infrastructure, including the management of software deployment, software licensing, and the formulation of core digital teaching strategies across the school.

Outside of his role as a lecturer Luke works alongside STEAMhouse as a Coordinator for the BHXR (Birmingham Extended Reality) events series that connects students, artists and designers to industry experts in XR and Digital Landscapes.

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