Replacement certificates

Guidelines for applying for a replacement certificate

Please read these guidelines carefully before filling in the application form for a replacement certificate as we can only issue certificates in certain circumstances, and errors or omissions may delay your request.

Please also note this form is for your Certificate only and will not include your Transcript. For a replacement transcript please visit Replacement transcripts.

There is a charge of £20 (which includes postage and packaging) per replacement certificate. In order to conform to the UK data protection legislation, a certificate request must come from the award holder only.

  1. The certificate issued by the University is proof of conferment of an award. It is a unique and important document which should be retained by its recipient. Replacements, while having precisely the same standing as originals, are produced in the format currently in use. The University’s change of name in 2007 means that all certificates previously issued under the name of University of Central England in Birmingham or certificates issued under the name of Birmingham Polytechnic will bear the name “Birmingham City University”.

  2. The University allows one certificate per award to be in circulation at any one time. Replacements can only be issued in the case of lost or damaged originals. The applicant for a replacement must complete the declaration below to either; agree that where the original documents are damaged they will provide the university with photographic evidence that the damaged original has since been destroyed or return the damaged original back to the university for this to be securely disposed of, or agree that where the original has been lost, should it subsequently be found, either it or the replacement will be returned to the university.

  3. The current fee for a replacement certificate is £20. Payment can be made via debit or credit card. Before you can make a payment we first need to check and approve your application. We will then contact you with a unique payment reference number to enable you to make the payment. If you provide an email address we will use this to contact you within 15 working days of submitting your application. Once you have paid we aim to process your request within 10 working days. Once posted, please allow 10 working days for it to reach a UK address and 28 working days for addresses outside the UK.

  4. Certificates cannot be issued to students holding an outstanding University financial obligation. On receiving this form, we will check and notify you if our records show that a debt exists. If so, this request will be closed and you will be required to submit a new application once the debt has been cleared.

  5. Students who obtained their award from 2010 can now receive a digital version of their Certificate, please select below if you are happy for Birmingham City University to sign you up to Gradintelligence using your contact email address where you can obtain your digital certificate, please note this will not stop you from receiving a physical copy.

  6. If you require a replacement CNAA award document for awards prior to 1992 these can be obtained from Open University CNAA Aftercare.

However if you require a Replacement Certificate for your QTS please contact -

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