Award document reprints

Reprint certificate and transcript

The University allows only one certificate and transcript per award to be in circulation at any one time. However, we do offer reprints free of charge under specific circumstances.

These reprints can only be issued after your original award documents have been destroyed, made no longer useable and evidence is provided. Therefore, when requesting reprints, do not throw away your documents until advised by us to do so.

You are eligible for a free reprint if:

  • Your originals have been damaged during delivery
  • You never received your originals, or they were lost during delivery
  • You have spotted an error in your name or award details

You are not eligible for a free reprint if:

Re-print requests should be sent to with a brief explanation as to why it is required. Any reasons which will fall outside of the above categories will be denied.

Please note, if you are requesting reprints due to your award/course details being incorrect it will take longer to complete your application, as we will need to liaise with your Faculty Student Centre to ensure the details are corrected.

Once your request has been actioned you will receive an email to confirm when your documents have been printed, posted and are out for delivery.

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