Replacement transcripts

Your official transcript provides a breakdown of the subjects you studied throughout your course and the results you obtained for each module. Your final transcript is issued at the same time as your certificate.

Replacement transcripts can only be issued by your Faculty Student Centre and will only be issued in certain circumstances such as loss or theft and are charged at £10 (including postage and packaging) per document. There can be only one official transcript in circulation at any one time and as such replacements will be issued at the University's discretion. The University also reserves the right not to issue a replacement certificate or to specify reasons for this decision.

Students who have outstanding academic-related debt to the university will not be provided with a replacement until this has been settled in full and updated on your record. You will be notified if our records show that a debt exists and asked to contact the Finance department to discuss your status further. Your replacement request will then be closed, and you will be required to submit a new application form once the debt has been cleared.

Requests for replacement transcripts must be made through the relevant Faculty. To request a replacement transcript, please select your faculty from the drop down list.

Awards achieved pre-2010

If you graduated before 2010, we are unable to provide you with a replacement transcript as the University changed record systems during this year and not all information regarding modules and marks were retained in our archives. Whilst we cannot offer you a formal Transcript, if your modules have been retained these can be added to a verification letter, but this is subject to the information held in our archives and there is no guarantee that we will be able to provide a historical verification of study letter or module information. To request this please contact and include:

  • Full name (as recorded when you were enrolled)
  • Date of birth
  • Student ID number (if known)
  • Course studied
  • Date course was completed

The University does not provide digital versions of official transcripts; however, we can provide a PDF interim transcript for all current enrolled students to show the results you have already obtained for each module, until you complete your course. To request this document please contact your Faculty Student Centre.

For further information regarding timescales, delivery methods and costs please visit the FAQs page.

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