Zi-Lynn Ho

Zi-Lynn Ho Profile Concept artist/Illustrator, from Malaysia. I specialise in creature and character design, as well as environment art.

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Lily ForestLily Forest

An environment I did for a job that I've repurposed as my own art banner.


An original character I've created for 2015's Inktober. Magellan is inspired by one of the two dwarf galaxies, the Megallanic Clouds. 

Dragon RainforestDragon Rainforest

One of the few environments I've illustrated for my Dragon Island project. I wanted to integrate the created dragons with their environments.


One of the pages from my Dragon Island project. 'Snapshots' of characters on the Dragon Island, so the project isn't so monotonous and so it brings some life to the simple story.

P for PhoenixP for Phoenix

Part of the A - Z Monsters Zine I participated in. I chose the letter P for phoenix so it would visually contrast my Sea Dragon! 

N for Nekomata

N for Nekomata

Part of the A - Z Monsters Zine I was part of. There were available letters remaining so I chose to pick up N, for Nekomata, the Japanese two tailed cat.

D for Dragon D for Dragon

Part of the A - Z Monsters Zine. I chose D for Dragon so that it would visually contrast my other alphabet choice, P for Phoenix.

Driftwood Design Driftwood Design

Various driftwood type designs for a swampy environment. Done for an old job.