Liam Anslow

Liam Anslow

I like to experiment with texture, and Risograph printing and develop my thumbnails and rough drawings using the digital tablet to refine my visual solutions and my dream clients would be The Guardian, The New Yorker and The New York Times.

21 and currently live in The Black Country, my main focus is editorial Illustration but I also like to incorporate typography into my work. I'm always open to any variety of creative brief and the way that I work is by creating singular images into the most simplest compositions as possible to convey the concepts I am trying to explain, to the point where it feels like I'm trying to create a narrative within an image. One thing that is important to me to have something on me all the time to write down notes either on my mobile or notebook as some of the strongest ideas can occur in the most unexpected of circumstances.

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If Russia win EurovisionIf Russia Win Eurovision

“I’m a massive fan of the Eurovision Song Contest and I realise that it’s one of the biggest gay events in the music calendar, but each and every year it seems more inevitable that Russia will win Eurovision and that certain country has strict laws against homosexuality. I worry that this would endanger not only the image of the contest but also the LGBT community’s safety if it were to be held in Russia.”

Dying in captivityDying In Captivity (Tilikum)

“Tilikum, most known as the orca whale who was the main topic of the documentary film ‘Blackfish’ is according to SeaWorld dying and most likely to die in captivity. The most humane thing to do would be to release him into the sea where they first captured him but I think SeaWorld is certain that releasing him would speed Up the dying process and they would rather exploit Tilikum for money until he’s on his deathbed.”

Sharapova scandalSharapova Scandal

“Recently professional female tennis player Maria Sharapova admitted to failing a drugs test by forgetting to read an email, stating the drug melodonium is now part of the banned drugs list. Although she was co-operative with WTA many of her endorsements were dropped and a lack of athletes came to her defence which I don’t think she deserved to be treated that badly which makes me wonder whether there would’ve been a different reaction if she wasn’t a female athlete.”

Music streaming royaltiesMusic Streaming Royalties

“There’s been a long discussion about music streaming royalties from streaming services including Spotify which doesn’t pay artists enough money to earn a living as most of the profit from streams goes to the artists record company instead. With the decrease in album sales it seems harder to break into the music industry and get paid a reasonable amount as a full time artist so what is the future for the music industry?”

New ScientistNew Scientist - Morality 2.0

"This is a personal piece of a New Scientist brief I tackled which revolved around the topic of feeling empathy towards global warming, and the way I decided to depict this was by having a pinball machine. The pinball is the earth and in the illustration it's stuck in the stoppers which is the brain area and as for the flippers they are meant to represent the tears of feeling sadness towards global warming."

FHMFHM - True Story

"This personal editorial brief was tackling an FHM article which revolved around computer hacking and the element from the article which stuck out to me the most was that the writer of the article who tells the story from his perspective gets backstabbed by his hacker colleague and sold him out to the US Secret Service. To imply this part of the story I depicted a mouse arrow cursor used as a knife to stab an individual in the back whilst held under arrest."

Overcoming The Monster - Creative Block

"This was a personal piece inspired by the Shutterstock brief from the D&AD New Blood designer awards, where I depicted the theme of overcoming the monster as a scenario of creative block where the pencil is the magical weapon, and our blank minds is the creative block monster, and once that pencil is applied to the piece of paper, the weapon is being used to slay the creative block monster, which I consider this piece a self-portrait.

Moon's Reflection v2"Best Before" - Dead or Alive, Kissing The Moon's Reflection

Me along with 5 other Illustration students created a collaborative Risograph zine entitled "Best Before" which revolved around the theme of Dead or Alive and we created Risograph prints for both themes in our own individual approaches. For the death section I was inspired by weird and unusual deaths and this piece is called Kissing The Moon's reflection which was made for that section. This composition was inspired by the death of poet Li Bai as whilst he was intoxicated on a boat he tried to kiss the moon's reflection and subsequently drowned himself, and to make the visual more interesting for a reflective piece of artwork I flipped the piece horizontally so that it appears the water's reflection is the sky and the sky is the water to help emphasise the feeling that Li Bai was trying to reach the moon in order to kiss it.