Katie Mowbray

Katie Mowbray Profile I am a keen printmaker and in particular enjoy the process and aesthetics of screen printing. I'm inspired by different cultures and locations and comply visuals onto mark resist and expose and print.

My style is a blend of painterly brush strokes and sketched pencil overlays, giving energy and character into my work that truly makes me enjoy what I do. Each brief presents a new challenge and I use my printmakers mind to layer illustrations both digitally and physically, using bold and limited colour palettes.

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'Scoff & Banter''Scoff & Banter'

An A0 size screen print, compromised of 4 layers each hand painted onto mark resist. This was an integral image to a restaurant re-brand project for London restaurant 'Scoff & Banter'. It's based on their use of locally sourced produce.

'Scoff & Banter' poster design'Scoff & Banter' poster design

Another piece for the 'Scoff & Banter' project, to be used on A-boards and outside restaurant marketing. Image compromised of hand painted mark resist complied in a digital image.

'Land & Coast''Land & Coast'

Part of a set of three screen prints to market the chef's specials for the restaurant re-brand.

'Best Before''Best Before'

This risograph print is part of a collaborative zine on life and death. It was inspired but the growing amount of life that comes from decay such as bacteria and microorganisms.

'Frida book cover''Frida book cover'

A simple design using mark resist layers to create a book cover design of the biography of Frida Kahlo.

Burlesque Posters

Another Burlesque PosterBurlesque Posters

Two A2 screen prints, from a set of 3, to celebrate the burlesque acts featured in Dr Sketchy Birmingham.


Another large A0 screen print, compromised of 6 hand painted layers on mark resist. Inspired by a trip to Amsterdam and the beauty of the city at night.