Georgina Hall

Georgina Hall Profile Illustrator from Leeds. My work focuses on social injustice, activism, folklore and human frailty. I explore these themes through character design and visual storytelling.

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This work forms part of my negotiated study, a story book, Slickwater, which aims to raise awareness of the environmental dangers of fracking. I created characters who reflect different aspects of society, representing the interests and concerns of the main groups involved in the fracking conflict such as Mr Drilla (corporate and financial concerns) and Biggins (wider community concerns).


A page from the fracking book Slickwater which depicts the main character Biggins becoming enchanted by the forest, slowly morphing into a tree.


This image is taken from the graphic novel I created as part of my major study. The novel is inspired by the documentary 'Making a Murderer' and involves a narrative of corruption woven in the styles of ancient mythologies. My work was also influenced by the story of American Gods by Neil Gaiman and the idea of governmental agencies and institutions such as the police becoming gods because of the power we imbue them with in society.


This is two panels from my graphic novel Corrupt.


A poster design featuring the fauna and flora of "weird world".

Weird WorldWeird World

This poster is an exploration of the Weird World brand and features alternative logo designs. The Weird World concept reflects the main focus of my work, the extreme and unusual stories of every day people and the cultural richness that exists at the fringes of society.