Anna Holowko

Anna Holowko Profile Twenty two, from Manchester, currently Living in Birmingham, I take inspiration from the world around me, mainly passing people to create my work.

I mostly work in a reportage style, incorporating my work onto different mediums, these include papers, textiles and most recently ceramics. I like to work with water colour, pencil and crayon to mark make before using my illustrations by translating them onto other surfaces. I like the layering up of textures. I would say my work is mainly reportage, surface pattern and narrative.

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Profiles From Pret Ceramics Collection

Profiles From Pret Ceramics Collection

This ceramics collection I have created inspired by drawings done within a coffee shop in Birmingham. I have sat, drawn and documented different people from a certain position. Noticing that most people were side on, I decided to draw profiles only, so have called the project, Profiles From Pret as I was sat within Pret A Manger. I've made a set of porcelain home ware inspired by my drawings, hinting at character by hand building and hand glazing

Nonsense AlphabetNonsense Alphabet

I made this alphabet inspired by the Cheltenham Illustration Awards competition brief of 2016. All the items on the image are random in relation to one another, and because of the business, I wanted to keep it simple, so used only black and white.

Secret 7" vinyl coverSecret 7" vinyl cover

Inspired by the single by the band, Tame Impala, I made this 7" for the Secret 7 Competition. The work was inspired by the video for the song, and because of their psychedelic sounds, I thought the rounded look suited the illustrations. I wanted to use a mix of both digital and hand drawn elements so have tried to mix these two together here.


Inspired by the senses, I mad five 4 page zines which showcased my illustrations. I used different techniques to change my senses like blind drawing, eating strange tasting foods and drawing with my opposite hand. Each zine is about individual niche subjects (botanical, fruit, making a cup of tea, portraits and winter season). I printed them using the risograph and each one is individually hand wrapped and printed. I've named them using untranslatable words from different languages.