Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy profile I am inspired by abstract animation and experimental storytelling in mainstream cinema.

My practice currently involves appropriating and essentially 'cutting up' images and sounds to create work that has recently been on display at Birmingham Museum And Art Gallery and Flatpack Film festival as well as strengthening and informing my existing comics practice.

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Flatpack Unpacked FestivalFlatpack Unpacked Festival
Flatpack Unpacked Stings

Four animated stings for Flatpack Film Festival and its sister festival, Flatpack Unpacked. made digitally and with print techniques like Risograph. I also designed and screen printed T-shirts. In collaboration with Rope Press

Flatpack UNPACKED Ident

Moving Sketches

Animations. Sound by Bruised Skies. Films produced over the course of a year as part of my practice in using cut ups to originate and develop stories. All three were on display at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery as part of the 'Hundreds and Thousands' exhibition.


Carry Me