Hayley Harrison

Hayley Harrison Profile Interested in making accessible stories with 'out of the ordinary' characters.

Passionate about stop motion and puppeteering with work such as CITV's Share a story: The Shark who Swallowed the Sea, Bechtel Engineering: The engineering machine with collaboration with Second Home Studios and Iceni, and my own stop motion film, Mufti Day.

The Engineering Machine

Second Home Studios and Iceni Production, collaboration with Bcu students. I was lucky enough to be brought into the project quite early when it was still within the second home studios, me and Dilek Osman took the roles of studio assistant and assistant model makers, then as the project progressed we were promoted to production co ordinations and then Assistant directors during the shoot.


A Stop motion collaboration with Dilek Osman. The idea of this project was to explore identity within the world and through travel. Using paper, salt, and coffee stirrers, this mixed media piece explores destruction and creation within our own identities.

A Shark Who Swallowed The Sea

Over the Summer I worked with Second Home studios as a model maker for CITV's share a story, The shark who swallowed the sea and then had the honour of puppeteering the shark.

Trailer for Mufti Day

This is my trailer for my Final stop motion student film Mufti Day. The story follows one child as they go through a tough day at school during fancy dress day (mufti Day) however the film takes a turn at the end when something is revealed about the child. This is a mixed media stop motion, with voodoo children, a needle felted creature and colourful fabric and random objects such as bouncy balls and parts of a christmas tree making the sets.