Dilek Osman

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An aspiring producer who holds a strong interest in video art and installation, also enjoys roles in curation and programming, and have worked with both Flatpack International Film Festival and Raindance Film Festival.

Throughout the past few years, I have been involved in exciting projects such as directing a music video, being given the role of 1st AD and Production Coordinator on a huge commercial project with Iceni and Second Home Studios, working on workshops for schools around the local area and i'm currently a part of the BFilm Micro 'Immersion' programme, contributing towards their first ever film project, Augmental.

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Unspoken Unspoken

Shots from my final major project film. The film is split onto three screens and displayed as an installation piece. Unspoken is about the inability to do something, whether it is speaking out about a sensitive topic or being held back from fulfilling a dream. The piece is based around the feeling of being powerless and helpless in these situations.

Making of my installation (inc. various tests)

Selective Mutism - Els Story

Responding to a Radio 4 shortcuts story. The process involved set creation, filming an actress, editing and adding kinetic typography, projection mapping and finally, filming the piece and cutting it together.

Bechtel - The Engineering Machine

During my second year, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with Second Home Studios and Iceni on this award-winning piece for Bechtel. I was given the roles of First AD and Production Coordinator along with Hayley Harrison. We also helped with some of the prop making and various other small jobs.