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BCU Graduate+

  • Sam Coley with a student. Radio bursaries for community radio workers.

    BCU Graduate+ awards programme. Starting September 2016

  • Woman being interviewed

    BCU Graduate+ awards programme. Starting September 2016

  • Preparing for interview

    BCU Graduate+ awards programme. Starting September 2016

  • Jewellery student at work

    BCU Graduate+ awards programme. Starting September 2016

Graduate+ Graduate+ is an awards programme which will record a range of activities and events in addition to your degree. These will be recorded within your own individual award on the Graduate+ website at as you work towards Bronze, Silver and Gold level.

In today’s competitive job market, many employers are looking for skills and experience beyond your degree qualification.

BCU Graduate+ is a framework which will enable you to provide evidence of your ability to develop valuable skills outside of formal classroom learning while studying with us.

You'll get access to a wealth of exciting opportunities and activities which will support your development at University.

BCU Graduate+ won’t replace the employability-based activities that many of our courses already offer, such as placements, but will enhance them, and aims to ensure that you'll have the skills to take up a variety of roles when you complete your studies.

BCU Graduate+ Award

Activities will include:

  • Cross-university opportunities
  • Careers development
  • Employability activities delivered within your faculty
  • Part-time work experience
  • Study abroad
  • Volunteering and community action
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Four-step programme

The programme will be offered to all students beginning an undergraduate degree-level qualification with us from September 2016, and will consist of four steps:

Step 1

You’ll begin by completing an online personal development test, which will reveal your areas of strength and development gaps in terms of employability, self-awareness, teamwork and collaborative skills.

Step 2

With support from your personal tutor and the Graduate+ team, you’ll identify a range of helpful activities designed to boost your skills and improve your employability.

Step 3

You’ll attend workshops and complete the activities identified in Step 2. Some of these will be based within your degree subject area and others will be more general.

Step 4

When you’ve successfully completed the programme you’ll receive your BCU Graduate+ award.

The benefits

We believe that by taking part in BCU Graduate+ you’ll:

Become more employable
Get a better and more accurate reference
Be better prepared for interviews
Improve your ability to apply for jobs
Widen your appreciation of the careers and opportunities available
Become part of the BCU community

Next steps

We're currently developing the structure for gaining a BCU Graduate+ awards and further information will be available here in the coming months.

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