Student Affairs

Five top tips from Student Affairs

1. Get your jabs up to date – Check with your GP before you arrive if you need vaccinations for things like meningitis or MMR.

2. Register with a doctor – When you get here, register with the University’s healthcare provider or with a GP in your area.

3. Find out about disability support - If you have a disability, specific learning difficulty (such as dyslexia), long-term health condition or mental health difficulty, you could get advice, information and support with applications for Disabled Students’ Allowance, one-to-one support, and support from your school. If you're not sure if you have dyslexia, we can screen you for free.

4. Get work experienceFind a part-time job to supplement your income and enhance your CV.

5. Team up with a student mentor - Being mentored by another student is a great way to learn the ropes at university, settle into university living and make friends for life.

Making the transition to university can be a big step at any age. That's why our Student Affairs team offers Advice, Support and Knowledge on a wide range of issues.

Child care

Student Affairs has a specialist child care adviser who can offer specialist advice, guidance and support for all of your child care needs including:

  • Help to find child care provision
  • Advice on child care related issue
  • Balancing studying and family life.

More about childcare support

Health and wellbeing

Our professional and confidential Health and Wellbeing services offer support for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, helping you to make the most out of your time at university. We can help you with:

Disability support - Practical support and advice for students with physical or sensory disabilities, specific learning difficulties (ie dyslexia), autism or chronic medical conditions. We also provide information about additional funding such as Disabled Students’ Allowances, run a Personal Assistance Scheme and offer a dyslexia screening and diagnostic service.

Mental health and wellbeing - Practical support and advice for prospective and current students with mental health difficulties or concerns about their general wellbeing. We also provide advice and guidance for young people leaving care and applying to or already studying at university.

Counselling - Free, one-to-one counselling sessions with professional, qualified counsellors.

Health care - Make sure you get you jabs up to date before you start at university. And find out how to sign up with a GP. We also offer information about finding dentists and other health care providers in Birmingham.

Faith and spiritual wellbeing - Our Chaplains are here for students and staff, whether you follow a faith or have none.

A raw and funny account of mental health at univeristy

Rachel Student

"University is pretty tough for anyone, but when you already have problems that can prevent you from acing your work, you need to do whatever you can to give you a helping hand."

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Job prospects

Our Career and Employment Zones are here to help both current students and graduates.

The Career Zone offers you impartial advice and coaching from qualified and experienced Careers Consultants to help you plan your career, develop your employability skills and find employment. The team provides a range of career management workshops and events throughout the year enabling you to meet with employers, improve your CV, and choose the right career for you.

The Employment Zone gives you access to jobs, work experience opportunities, and internships by advertising work opportunities online and promoting recruitment events throughout the year. It also delivers two mentoring schemes for students, giving you the opportunity to network with and learn from local employers.

What our Careers and Job Prospects team offers

Get a mentor

Getting a mentor is a great way to learn about university life, get the lowdown on which social and sports societies to join, and find out about the support available for study skills, student finance and finding work experience opportunities. Our mentors have personal experience of starting out at university and are happy to talk through the challenges of being in your first year.

Find out more and register for a mentor visit

Money matters

You may feel anxious about your finances and be wondering how you are going to manage to pay for your tuition fees, living expenses and other costs associated with going to University.

We are here to provide information and advice on a range of financial concerns, including debts (ie credit cards, loans and overdrafts), basic money management and budgeting skills and tax.

We are also responsible for the allocation of money from a number of student hardship funds which are subject to means testing and availability.

More about financial support

Visas and immigration

Our International Student Advisors offer a wide range of services for both new and continuing international students. 

We can provide advice and support on:

  • visa extensions
  • travel outside the UK while studying
  • funding and finance issues
  • applications for student finance
  • working during your studies
  • working after your studies
  • personal matters such as homesickness and adjusting to life in the UK