Child Care

UK students

Undergraduate and postgraduate students may be able to apply to the Access to Learning Fund. Funds are limited - please ask Student Affairs for more information.

Undergraduates - full-time

Undergraduate full-time students with a child or adult dependant can apply for financial help. A Child Care Grant is available to students in low-income households. Students can apply for up to 85 per cent of their registered child care. Parents' Learning Allowance is also available to full-time students who receive the Child Care Grant. This allowance also helps towards books, materials and travel.

Full-time students who have an adult depending on them may be entitled to an Adult Dependents Grant, The amount awarded depends on household income. Tax credits apply to students with dependents. You may be able to claim Working Child Care Grant; however, if you apply for a Child Care Grant, you cannot apply for both. For more information visit the GOV.UK website.

Undergraduates - part-time

Part-time students with children or other dependents may qualify for help towards course fees. For more information visit the GOV.UK website.

International students

Students from overseas seeking financial assistance can contact the Student Affairs team on +44 (0)121 331 5588 for more information.