Sahiba Kaur and Jyoti Mittal

Course of Study: BA (Hons) Interior Design
Company Name: IDEA Birmingham
Date recruited: February 2012
Industry: Art and Design
Location: Birmingham
Duration: Permanent


To ensure that the 10 different brands shortlisted for trading worked collectively as one shop while each brand's identity was maintained.


  • Interior Designing and Spatial Planning: Conducting site surveys and producing accurate floor plans using AutoCAD
  • Work on zones and circulation routes for safe and better functionality
  • Visual Merchandising and Window displays: Research new ideas and develop cutting edge concepts
  • Furniture Design: To meet budgets, some of the furniture was also produced by us. eg Plinths, window props etc.
  • Project Management: Communication and co-ordination of traders
  • Liaise with builders to ensure budgets and deadlines are met

Outcomes and impact in the business

  • Researching and developing new concepts and ideas
  • Enhancing and building creative talent
  • Differentiating businesses, products and services
  • Increased awareness of the 10 brands
  • Attracting prospects and developing new business opportunities (Increased sales and more customers)
  • Promoting the business through social media
  • Worked successfully within the given budget
  • Improving communication and encouraging teamwork amongst all participants

What skills did you learn while studying at Birmingham City University that helped you find your job?

  • Key Skills: Leadership, communication, time management, organisation
  • IT Skills: AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Google SketchUp and Microsoft Office suite
  • Technical Skills: Knowledge of scale, proportion, colour, balance, harmony, rendering, sketches
  • Workshop Skills: Problem solving abilities
  • Handcraft: Understanding of model construction using loose tools and technical mindset
  • Spray booth: Model finishes
  • Cutters: Ban saw and metal cutters
  • Plastic heating: Vacuum forming, heat gun
  • Plastic manipulation