Angela Burman

Company Name: Angela Burman
Company Size: Sole Trader
Graduated: 2009
Date recruited: 2009
Industry: Art
Location: Sutton Coldfield
Course of Study: BA (Hons) Visual Arts

I am a full-time fine artist and soft figure sculptor based in the West Midlands. I have three separate successful businesses, which are listed below:

Angela Burman Fine Art

I create contemporary art and my work is about joy, light, texture and colour and use traditional painting techniques and digital processes.  Paying homage to the things liked and loved with a visual documentation of my life’s experiences, explorations and influences is a very exciting aspect to my business.

In 2009 I became an outside consultant to the Tate Britain on their very successful book How To Paint Like Turner and recently exhibited at ILF, Birmingham City University School Of Jewellery and Barr Street Gallery and the Birmingham Made Me store at the Mail Box.

Private collectors have been my main source of income, but January 2012 was the start of my journey in the commercial sector. By creating small and large scale prints for corporate settings on canvas, Perspex, paper and aluminium I have been able to increase my customer database.

This year has brought two main collaborations within the world of interior design. One with a lighting design company who are going to use my images in one of their projects they are about to launch and the other is working with a bespoke tile making company in the potteries who are offering to their clients a  collection of my work.

From September 2012 I am also booked out as a private tutor to clients who wish to learn many aspects of creating art. This has come via personal recommendations from people who have bought my work and passed my name on.
Twitter:  @AngieBurman

Whisper The Listening Bear

I am the creator/maker of Whisper The Listening Bear and Author/Illustrator of his book. Whisper is a resource and an aide to practitioners, child care professionals and anyone who works with bereaved, traumatised and abused children in addition to general use in schools. Whisper is unique as he has two pairs of ears. One pair for everyday use and another huge pair, which he uses when listening to the children. There are many Whispers out there and they are placed with Children’s Services in Solihull, Edward’s Trust a charity in Birmingham who work with and counsel families and children through bereavement, independent play therapists and child therapists and a number of schools throughout the West Midlands.
Twitter:  @WhisperTheBear

Burman Bears

With this company I create soft figure sculptors in the form of fully jointed and weighted mohair bear characters and soft cloth doll designs. These creations are sold to the public via the website, at the Birmingham Made Me store at the Mail Box in Birmingham and exhibitions. I have many collectors in Japan, Canada, USA, South Africa, UK, New Zealand, Australia and many countries in the EU

A number of characters I have created appear in the Whisper The Listening Bear book and more are in the process of being made for future books.

At present I am illustrating and co-writing a series of children’s picture story books, which will be available next year.