New research into reintegration of returning ISIS fighters

Imran Awan News Story Image April 2017

New research carried out by Dr Imran Awan has unearthed feelings amongst young British Muslims towards the reintegration of ISIS fighters returning from Syria.

The research undertaken by Dr Awan, Associate Professor in Criminology at Birmingham City University, has found how many young Muslims feel government policy should be focused on reintegration and rehabilitation. The research published in the Journal of Muslims in Europe has found that young Muslims feel they are unfairly being labelled as extremists.

The study saw Dr. Awan interview 50 young Mulsim men and women, aged between 14 and 25. Their sentiments included such statements as "give them a chance", with another interviewee warning that unless returning ISIS fighters were rehabilitated, they would "find another extremist group and join them".

Rehabilitation programmes already exist in countries like Denmark, and Dr Awan feels similar programmes could work in the UK too, saying:

The research was picked up by The Independent, amongst others.

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