Criminology Professor to Discuss Hate Crimes with Turkish Minister for EU Affairs

Centre for Brexit Studies Hate Crime Image 350x263 - Person in a hood
Centre for Brexit Studies

Birmingham City University

As one of the leading experts of Islamophobia in the world, Dr Imran Awan has been invited to meet Turkeys Minister for EU Affairs.

Dr Awan has been invited by the Ministry for EU Affairs to discuss the rise in hate crimes that are taking place in the UK , Europe and across the world.

Dr Awan stated that: "Its a huge honour to have been invited to personally meet Turkey's Minister for EU Affairs. 

As part of my work with the Centre for Brexit Studies here at Birmingham City University, I hope to discuss the types of work we have done and also how I have played a role in helping shape policy in this area which supports victims of hate crime."

Dr Awan heads up the Hate Crime and Radicalisation stream of our Centre for Brexit Studies. If you would like to reach out for comment from Dr Awan, or any other member of the Centre for Brexit Studies, please contact the head of the centre, Alex De Ruyter.

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