Dr Andrew Whiting

Lecturer in Security Studies and Criminology

School of Social Sciences
+44 (0)121 300 4448

Andrew’s current research is conducted across two main areas: Investigating the role of expert discourse in the production of cyber-security knowledge, and investigating the impact of UK counter-terrorism and counter-extremism policies and practices.

Andrew obtained his BA in Politics and his MA in Global Security from the University of Sheffield and went on obtain his PhD at Swansea University. The PhD utilised a Foucauldian discourse analysis to investigate the manner in which private internet security discourse assists in the production of an apprehensive common sense knowledge surrounding both cyberspace and cyber-threats.

Andrew has a number of publications both in edited volumes and peer reviewed journal articles as well as having delivered a number of conference papers. His most recent publication is part of a series that represent the culmination of a research project investigating the construction of the cyber-terrorism threat within international news media (the article can be viewed here).

From his time at Swansea University, Andrew is a member of the Cyber-terrorism Project (www.cyberterrorism-project.org), a “multidisciplinary, multi-institution project” that strives to “facilitate debate around a series of core question relating to cyber-terrorism”. Through this project Andrew has helped organise international conferences, bring in significant research funding, and develop academic and institutional networks with universities and security institutions across the globe.

Andrew currently teaches a number of Security Studies modules within the Criminology department. He contributes to the first year module Introduction to Security Studies as well as coordinating two second year modules War and Conflict in the Modern World and Terrorism Theory.

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