Dr Dean Petters

Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology

0121 331 6351

Dean is a lecturer in Cognitive Psychology. He gained a PhD in Cognitive Science at the University of Birmingham. He has worked as a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Birmingham and Aston University and has also previously taught psychology with the Open University and lectured in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science at the University of Birmingham, lectured in Cognitive Psychology at Newman University, and lectured in Social Psychology and Applied Psychology at the University of Northampton.

His research interests range from Bowlby-Ainsworth Attachment Theory, emotion research, and dual process approaches to understanding social and developmental phenomena, to research on visual object recognition, and modelling relational processing and attention with artificial neural networks. He is particularly interested in cross-disciplinary research, such as using agent based models and cognitive architectures to simulate social and emotional phenomena, and using new technologies to support psychological interventions.

Areas of Expertise