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Architecture, Festival and the City  

15 November - 29 December 2017

Birmingham City University and the Birmingham School of Architecture and Design are proud to host the 14th annual international conference organised by the Architectural Humanities Research Association.

To coincide with the event, this exhibition brings together work by artists, designers and performers who will be presenting at the conference. Together they provide a unique insight into festival culture and the role that it plays in our lives and cities. 

Festivals, rituals and carnivals transform cities. As people gather and celebrate, fantastical events occur in everyday places and the streets are filled with colour, noise and activity.

Evolving from myths, beliefs and religions, festivals create a space for individuals to meet and celebrate shared values. A festival is a shared belief and way of thinking. Yet, it is also an activity that occurs in a specific time and place.

Festivals are a crucial part of a community and influence the shape of the city, its streets and architecture. Over time cities and festivals change, evolving together. Some festivals no longer exist and have been lost to time while others are invented to suit the needs of today. Each festival is unique, specific to a time, a community and its values.

Architecture, Festival and the City responds to city festivals in their many forms. Curated in association with the Architectural Humanities Research Association conference, the exhibition explores festivals as a fundamental part of humanity and the cities that we live.

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The History of Asian Youth Culture
The History of Asian Youth Culture

5 March – 30 March 2018

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