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The History of Asian Youth Culture

5 March - 29 March 2018

There have been Asians in Britain for hundreds of years.

As Asian populations grew in the twentieth century, tight-knit communities were formed and began to develop diverse, dual-heritage cultures.

Just as Asian communities were shaped by British society, Asian youth cultures played a major role in defining the social, cultural and political life of Birmingham and Britain. 

History of Asian Youth Culture explores Birmingham’s diverse heritage and takes a historic look at the contributions made by Asian youth to Birmingham’s thriving multicultural community. Focussing on communities from the 1960s to the present day, the exhibition explores the diversity of Asian youth culture in Birmingham. Documenting hidden histories and telling the story of individuals, it examines the range of activities that developed in multicultural Birmingham as Asian youth took part in everything from kubbudi under spaghetti junction to punk and pop culture.

The fusion of Asian youth culture and British communities was not always smooth and often went through periods of resistance. The History of Asian Youth Culture explores the challenges that were faced and their part in the narrative of youth culture.

History of Asian Youth Culture is a lens to explore the diversity of youth activity in multicultural Britain and celebrates Birmingham’s diverse and growing heritage. It brings together personal archives to tell stories of individual lives and how they were part of Birmingham’s youth cultures.


Asian Youth Culture is a project conceived by True Form projects. The project continues to collect personal accounts, photographs, objects, artefacts and documents to help tell this story. If you have a story to share, then why not get in touch.

Image credit: Ian Reynolds

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