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Brummagem: Lost City Found

September 18 - October 27

Full twenty years and more are passed
Since I left Brummagem.
But I set out for home at last
To good old Brummagem.
But ev'ry place is altered so
Now there's hardly a place I know
Which fills my heart with grief and woe
For I can't find Brummagem.

-James Dodds (1781-1837)

Brummagem: Lost City Found offers a personal reflection on the city and its changing landscape.

Artists Andrew Kulman and Sara Kulman respond to the city’s rapid redevelopment through a series of prints, paper sculptures, artefacts and photography.

Since the 1960s Birmingham had been dominated by Brutalist architecture: buildings such as the Central Library, the Adrian Boult Hall and the Chamber of Commerce became iconic figures in the city’s landscape.

As the city redevelops itself, many of these landmark buildings have been pulled down or abandoned: the “ugly” Brutalist architecture of the 20th century making way for the shiny new buildings of today. Yet many feel an overwhelming sense of loss as “the concrete jungle” changes around them and the city regenerates.

Birmingham based artists Sara Kulman and Andrew Kulman explore this feeling of nostalgia through works that reflect on the changing city.

Through a series of photographs, prints and artefacts, Andrew Kulman creates a narrative that tells the story of Birmingham’s changing landscape over that last 20 years.

These are contrasted with Sara Kulman’s paper sculptures and animations which offer a personal consideration of the city. Birmingham’s iconic Brutalist buildings are recast as miniature and delicate sculptures, their temporal nature offering a satirical comment on the concrete giants that are falling all over the city.

Brummagem: Lost City Found offers a sensitive consideration on the city and asks what is truly lost when its buildings disappear.

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