Catharine Jenkins

Senior Lecturer

School of Nursing and Midwifery
0121 331 7188

Catharine is currently involved in research on the competencies required by specialist practitioners working in the dementia care field and on approaches to dementia care education and training. She is also particularly interested in creative approaches to active learning for nurse education.

Prior to becoming a nurse educator, Catharine worked for many years as a Community Mental Health Nurse and team leader of an outreach team. At present she works as a volunteer for BUDS (Better Understanding of Dementia in Sandwell).

In April 2011 the University launched the Birmingham City University employable students awards (BEST) and Catharine was awarded for her work in running a course in dementia care. This course provides educational opportunities for staff working in care and nursing homes linked to Birmingham Care Development Agency.

Catharine is a 'media champion', responding to media requests on issues related to older peoples' mental health.

Current Activity

Catharine is a senior nurse lecturer at Birmingham City University. She teaches at all levels, from Foundation Degree to MSc.

Catharine has an interest in and teaches on older people's mental health, dementia care and diversity issues. She also has an interest in promoting the mental health of older people within general hospital environments, and works closely with adult nurse colleagues in developing teaching and publications for pre-registration adult nurse students.

Current activities include:

  • Teaching
  • Assessment
  • Student support
  • Research
  • Writing for publication on issues relating older people and their mental health
  • RMHN
  • Dip N
  • MSc
  • PG Dip (Education)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Training in Dementia Care 2012 (University of Bradford)

Higher Education Dementia Network


Catharine is currently involved in projects exploring the training needs of nurses working in nursing homes, alternative approaches to dementia care education and the pro-domal stages of living with dementia.


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Media Work

Catharine Jenkins is one of the University’s dedicated team of trained media champions, and can comment on a range of subjects including:

  • Dementia care
  • Older people's mental health

To arrange a media interview, please contact Birmingham City University Press Office on 0121 331 6738, 07967 271532,
email or via Twitter @BCUPressOffice