Catharine Jenkins

Senior Lecturer

School of Nursing and Midwifery
0121 331 7188

Catharine’s teaching responsibilities are focused around the care of older people with mental health problems and her main area of expertise is dementia care. She also teaches on diversity issues and transcultural mental health nursing.

Catharine is interested in creative approaches to active learning for nurse education and has presented at international conferences about teaching and research. She is committed to involving students in research and publication.

Catharine’s current research examines the training needs of nurses working in nursing homes and approaches to teaching dementia care in order to change practice. She is also part of a collaborative project aiming to develop evidence based personal advice for people who may be at higher risk of developing dementia. 

Prior to becoming a nurse educator, Catharine worked for many years as a Community Mental Health Nurse and team leader of an outreach team. At present she also works as a volunteer for BUDS (Better Understanding of Dementia in Sandwell).

Catharine is a 'media champion', responding to media requests on issues related to older peoples' mental health. 

Current Activity
  • Teaching pre-registration and post-registration nurses and allied health professionals
  • Researching educational approaches that promote person-centred approaches to dementia care.
  • Student support
Areas of Expertise
  • Dementia Care
  • Older Peoples’ Mental health
  • Transcultural Nursing
  • Competencies for dementia care
  • Training and educational approaches that change dementia care practice
  • Active experiential learning and teaching
  • Writing for publication
  • B.A (Hons)
  • RMN
  • MSc
  • PG Dip Ed
  • PG Cert in Training in Dementia Care
  • The Nursing and Midwifery Council (PIN: 83A3754E)
  • The Higher Education Academy
  • The Higher Education Dementia Network

Module Lead:

  • Foundation Degree L4 module ‘Caring for People with Dementia’
  • Pre-registration Mental Health Nursing L5 ‘Mental health Nursing Practice 2’ (NUR5070)
  • Learning Beyond Registration L6 ‘Dementia Care’ (LBR6166)

Teaching Team member

  • Contributing to a wide range of teaching and assessment over the Mental Health Nursing Programmes, Adult nursing programmes and for trainee allied health professionals.
  • The training needs of nurses working in nursing homes
  • Approaches to teaching dementia care in order to change practice
  • Recognition of very early social indicators of dementia  

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In review

A Qualitative Study Investigating Training requirements of Nurses working with people with Dementia in Nursing Homes Nurse Education in Practice


Poster presentation at NET 2015 ‘The training requirements of nurses working with people with dementia in nursing homes’

Faculty Health research conference 25th Nov 15 Concurrent presentation: A qualitative study of the training requirements of nurses working  with people with dementia in nursing homes Analisa Smythe/Catharine Jenkins

ATINER 2016 2nd Annual International Conference on Nursing, 2-5 May 2016, Athens, Greece

Carole Germaine, Senior Lecturer, Birmingham City University, U.K. & Catharine Jenkins, Senior Lecturer, Birmingham City University, U.K. Problem-Based Learning: Application of Theory to Practice in Mental Health Nurse Education.

NET 2016 The impact of a dual-element person-centred training intervention on burnout Analisa Smythe & Catharine Jenkins


Health Research Conference (30.11.16) A Collaborative Study Exploring Experiences of Pre-clinical Indicators of Dementia

Media Work
CaCatharine is a media champion responding to requests related to older peoples’ mental health
Work With Industry

A collaborative project ‘A Community Centred Predictive Model For Early Diagnosis Of Dementia’ with ‘CM2000’ ( )