Personalisation - the next step in UK student recruitment


Birmingham City University and partner Hobsons have come together to launch an exciting personalised video to better engage with thousands of prospective students – the first project of its kind in the UK.

Hobsons, the leader in recruitment, communication and student success solutions for higher education,has launched the very first personalised video for student recruitment in the UK with Birmingham City University.

The video Upgrade Your Future, which will be sent to thousands of prospective domestic and EU undergraduate students, introduces elements of personalisation throughout. It welcomes them and takes them on a typical student journey at Birmingham City University, featuring highlights from their learning experience, campus and city life, career development opportunities and an insight into the University’s new city centre campus.

“We are very excited that we will be the first British university to launch this pioneering video project in the UK,” said Kathryn Jones, Director of Marketing and Communications at Birmingham City University.

“This will be an innovative way to showcase university life as students prepare to make one of the most important decisions of their life."

Kenny Nicholl, a director at Hobsons, said: “Personalised videos have proved a very effective tool to welcome prospective students to your campus and create a sense of belonging right from the outset.”

The video allows students to share personalised content with their friends, often through social media explained Kenny Nicholl, who added: “Engaging students and creating a sense of belonging right from the very outset will be increasingly important and I am delighted to have worked with Birmingham City University to create this original and innovative new video.”

To further support its relationship with students, the University has also launched an enquiry management system which has been designed to personalise follow-ups to enquiries generated online. During 2011, for example, the University received 20,339 incoming calls - of which 13,217 were course enquiries – plus 11,786 incoming email and online enquiries, of which 8,747 were course enquiries. There were also 12,968 prospectus requests.

View the Upgrade Your Future personalised video.

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