Kirsten Forkert

Lecturer in Media Theory

Birmingham School of Media

Kirsten Forkert is a researcher and activist, and researches the politics of cultural work and education.

She completed a PhD in Media and Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2011, under the supervision of Professor Angela McRobbie. Her PhD thesis explored the conditions experienced by freelance artists in London and Berlin and serves as the basis for her first book, 'Artistic Lives' (Ashgate Publishers, 2013). She has also published on media art, activism, and the globalisation of education.

Prior to academia, Kirsten was active as a media artist, curator and critic. She has been involved in community media, media art and activist projects, including 'Video In' in Vancouver, Canada, and 'Democracy Now!' and the '16beaver Collective' in New York.

Both her undergraduate and Master's degrees (which she obtained from NSCAD University and Simon Fraser University in Canada) are in Media Arts Practice.

Postgraduate Supervision

Kirsten Forkert is interested in supervising doctoral students researching media activism, particularly students with practical experience of campaigning, as well as those hoping to theorise the current state of social movements. Her current work explores anti-austerity campaigning as well as understanding the construction of consent with austerity measures as well as the scapegoating of particular populations as "undeserving". This provides the framework for her individual research, as well as her collaborative research (including an ESRC-funded project exploring the impacts of the 'Go Home' advert on diverse communities).

Kirsten is both a researcher and an activist, and also has been involved in media art and community media in Canada and the US. Her research has also explored the politics and social conditions of cultural work, particularly in relation to issues such as precarious employment and gentrification. Her work is interdisciplinary, and is based in cultural studies but draws on other fields, including sociology and visual culture. She is interested in methodological experimentation, and in exploring the role of research in building social movements. Please see her profile and publications for details.

As part of the Midlands3Cities AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership BCU offers doctoral studentships in all these areas.


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