The school holds second year students' media conference

Phill Thickett with students
Media Courses

Birmingham City University

Second year students from Birmingham School of Media will hold their annual media conference at Millennium Point tomorrow. Over 200 students will display their ideas for final year dissertation projects, submitting them for review by peers, staff and other media professionals.

Siobhan Stevenson, Lecturer in Radio Studies and Professional Media Practice, and the organiser of the event, says: “My intention was to get students to think about how to communicate their research ideas in a different way. I also wanted their peers to be able to review them.” With a wide range of ideas investigating everything from racial representations in the BBC to alternative economies in club cultures, this is a showcase of the next wave of academic research. Siobhan explains some of the contemporary ideas which have caught her eye:

The students will condense their dissertation ideas into attention-grabbing posters making complex research proposals easily understandable with a quick glance. These posters will be surveyed by the keen eyes of their peers making this an academic ecology, the idea being that by offering feedback to others, students will also find ways to improve or rethink their own ideas.

Siobhan says: “I think when you see how somebody else has thought about their research and some of the things they're covering and witness the depth in which they go into it makes you really think about what you're aiming to do and how you're going to go about doing it.”

The event will be held in Millennium Point, 9am to 2.30pm.

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