Our People

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  • Dr Nkem Adeleye


    Dr Nkem Adeleye is a Lecturer in Law. She currently teaches English Legal System and Practice, and Equity and Trusts on the LLB Programme. Her qualifications include an LLB (Hons), an LLM in International Human Rights, and a PhD in Law.

  • Dr Sarah Cooper

    Senior Lecturer in Law

    Dr Sarah Cooper is a Senior Lecturer in Law and Director of Mooting. Sarah leads Criminal Law on the LLB and carries out her research in the Centre for American Legal Studies. She co-teaches American Criminal Procedure and American Legal Practice.

  • Dr Haydn Davies

    Head of the School of Law

    Dr Haydn Davies has taught and researched environmental protection (both technology and law) since the 1990s. He is currently the assistant vice chair of the UK Environmental Law Association, and co-convenor of the Welsh Working Party.

  • Ilaria Di Gioia

    Lecturer / Researcher

    Ilaria Di Gioia is a Lecturer in Public Law, English Legal System & Practice and Equity & Trusts. She is also a passionate PhD researcher in American Constitutional Law.  Her research investigates the ideological and political reasons for the States’ aversion to the enactment of the Affordable Care Act.

  • Dr Panayotis Protopsaltis

    Research Fellow

    Panayotis Protopsaltis is a research fellow at the Centre for American Legal Studies.  He has conducted research, contributed to publications and taught international law and international economic law at universities in Greece, France and in India.

  • Dr Anne Richardson Oakes

    Associate Professor and Director: Centre for American Legal Studies

    Anne Richardson Oakes is a Reader in American Legal Studies in Birmingham City University's School of Law.  She currently teaches US Constitutional Law, Public Law, and Equity and Trusts.

  • Professor Jon Yorke

    Professor of Human Rights and Director of the Centre for Human Rights

    Jon Yorke is a Reader in Law in the School of Law and Director of the Centre for American Legal Studies.  Jon's main interests include European Human Rights, English and European Medical Law, Capital Punishment, Legal Theory and Legal Research.  

7 items found, viewing items 1 to 7.