Varsity trophy to be designed by Jewellery student

Jewellery varsity award

HND Jewellery and Silversmithing student Tania Valaythen recently won the competition to design the Varsity trophy for the tournament between Birmingham City University and Aston University to be used for the next 10 years.

School of Jewellery

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Students submitted their designs to be judged by a panel that included Jeremy Hobbins, the Acting Head of the School of Jewellery; Jefferson Wiredu, Vice President of Student Development; Jo Pond, HND Jewellery and Silversmithing Course Director; and Andrew Macgowan, a BCU graduate who will be manufacturing the trophy with Tania.

A large array of designs were received, with five going on to be shortlisted. Tania’s work stood out, presenting a form displaying fluidity and movement to reflect the multitude of sports represented in the Varsity series. The form stands on top of a plinth, designed to display the inscriptions of prize winners. The plinth provides both elegance and ergonomic function, enabling the trophy to be given and received, whilst displaying the emblems of both universities.

“Winning came as a complete surprise and has inspired me to keep entering competitions available to me as a student.”

Jefferson Wiredu, who secured funding for the project, said afterwards: “The Varsity is a prodigious way of showcasing the sporting talents at BCU. Having students from the School of Jewellery design a phenomenal trophy as a representative for the next 10 years is a great achievement for both the Students’ Union and the School of Jewellery.”

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