Student creates jewellery inspired by magical stories and fairy tales


A Birmingham City University student has created a collection of decorative jewellery rings and holders inspired by popular children’s stories and fairy tales.

22 year-old Katy Tromans, from Stourbridge in the West Midlands, was inspired by her fascination with coins as a teenager to create a selection of intricate jewellery artworks.

"When I was 16 I started collecting coins and I found myself amazed by the small detailed pictures and the stories that were behind them", said Katy.

School of Jewellery

Birmingham City University

Influenced by the likes of Alice in Wonderland, Rapunzel and James and the Giant Peach, Katy's work can currently be seen at the University's School of Jewellery as part of the Inspired Festival.

"When I began the Design for Industry course at the University, I started to think about stories that were more personal to me, that also reminded me of my childhood and might do the same for other people", added Katy.

"Each ring can be held in a decorative holder in which it can merge into and form a sculptural piece of artwork when it isn't being worn. I want my customers to be able to wear the best chapters of their lives."

Birmingham City University's Inspired Festival is a celebration of creative talent and graduating students about to launch their careers.

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