JUNK: rubbish to gold

The idea was simple. Collect over 600kg of old, broken, discarded JUNK jewellery and transform it into a series of amazing new pieces of art.

The result was the 'JUNK: rubbish to gold' performance. A highly successful event which saw 30 artists – including students, recent graduates and lecturers – creating 200 items over the course of the week.

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Viewers from over 45 countries around the world tuned in to watch the live stream of the event which is still available to watch on YouTube.

What happened to the pieces?

Over 70 of the items sold via an online auction at Crafthaus. This was a closed bid auction. This meant that it is up to the individual bidder to determine how much they felt an object was worth and bid appropriately rather than us predetermining its value. View the full gallery of final pieces.

What happens next?

The JUNK team are now working towards an online issu publication of the project as well as an exhibition of the project in Munich at the end of February for Munich Jewellery Week.

Professor Jivan Astfalck, Course Director for our MA in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products, said: "Our artists created 200 pieces out of the initial pile of 600kg of 'rubbish' jewellery that was donated. The transformation was nothing short of amazing."

More about the theory behind the project can be found on the rubbishtogold website.

JUNK: rubbish to gold - The gallery

Photography by Rod Gonzalez

Ring by Maria Hanson
Objects by Imogen Clarkson
Objects by Laura Brannon
Necklace by Laura Brannon
Earrings by Nanna Grønborg
Bracelet by Laura Brannon
Brooch by Nanna Grønborg
Earrings by Hannah May Chapman
Necklace by Laura Brannon
Earrings by Rachel Darbourne
Earrings by Francesca Antonello
Necklace by Jivan Astfalck
Bracelet by Mah Rana
Necklace by Drew Markou
Brooch by Mah Rana
Brooch by Drew Markou
Necklace by Mia Maljojoki
Necklace by Farrah Al Dujaili
Brooch by Kate Bajic
Necklace by Francisca Onumah
Brooch by Laura Brannon
Bracelet by Farrah Al-Dujaili
Necklace by Francesca Antonello
Necklace by Laura Brannon