Antwerp trip for Gemmology students

Antwerp Gemmology

Students from BSc (Hons) Gemmology and Jewellery Studies recently spent three days in Antwerp to gain first-hand experience of working diamond labs. The trip provided valuable first-hand insight around the diamond pipeline – the journey of diamonds from mine to the consumer market – and diamond cutting essential to the current modules.

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During the trip, students visited a variety of laboratories, retailers and exhibitions. The itinerary included visits to:

  • International Gemological Institute – where students had a lecture on lab techniques and international diamond grading.
  • Rubin and Sons – a famous retailer selling all gemmological equipment.
  • Diamond Pavillion – an exhibition area highlighting the history and use of diamonds.
  • HRD – who gave a behind-the-scenes tour of their grading laboratories and research. This included all the processes that are involved with grading diamonds for colour, clarity and a range of other features.
  • DiamoindLand – where students heard stories of the history of Antwerp’s diamond district and saw diamond cutters faceting a stone.

The trip also allowed free time for students to explore the city, its cathedrals, and its Jewellery Quarter. 

By the end of the three days, all students had seen the full range of employment options open to them as diamond graders within the laboratory sector.  From manual grading, through to the use of high-tech machinery they had experienced the atmosphere and requirements of lab grading, and seen genuine diamond cutters at work. 

The trip was essential as the students gained the necessary practical knowledge to better understand the practical side of diamonds and the industry.

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