Speech and Language Therapy Sim Summaries

We use example case studies to help bring our simulations to life. Characters representing members of staff guide the students through the course to simulate the working environment. Here is an example of the case studies as told by a staff nurse and a Speech and Language Therapist.

VCC Dysphagia Dysphagia Assessment

"Hi this is a staff nurse from the virtual ward. I have got a referral for you for a recently admitted patient Janet Cole. She’s a 70 year old female who has had a stroke. She has failed the swallowing screen so is nil by mouth."

"Can you come and see her as soon as possible please? During this simulation students are asked to prepare for and assess the swallowing, oromotor function and auditory comprehension of Janet."

VCC SLT Child Developmental Assessment

"Hello, I’m Beth the Speech and Language Therapist and I’m happy to support you in your return to practice. It’ll be lovely to have you with me for a day a week for the next few weeks. We’re about to head out to do a home visit for a little boy called Hayden."

"He’s just turned 4 and he’s been referred by his health visitor Louise who is concerned that he isn’t talking as much as he should be. He lives with his parents and four siblings and has an older brother and sister and his younger sisters are twins. He goes to nursery four mornings a week so if mum gives us the OK we can contact them to find out how he’s doing there."

"Why don’t you take the lead on this visit? You can decide what information to gather and we can evaluate it afterwards in the office. I know you’re completing the RTP course so use the VCC workbook to help guide you through the assessment. Ensure you record your observations as you go along."

Talk Town (2.6)

OSIME Talk Town 2.6 thumb nail In this simulation you play the role of a recently qualified therapist who has to manage their diary and office communications and demonstrate case load management skills.

The simulation starts at your office workstation and requires you to respond appropriately to a series of telephone answer machine messages that have been left for you. You then review your case files and other supporting information before visiting your therapy room.  Here you prepare the room for a therapy session with a specific client group, and inspect stock levels of toys and other resources.

You then visit a school environment where you have an opportunity to meet a variety of staff and make some initial suggestions about enhanced support for children with learning difficulties. Following the school visit you travel to a local hospital and review the case notes of a group of clients, deciding on which clients maybe suitable to see together. Finally you visit a client who has recently suffered a CVA to perform a swallowing assessment.

Academic Lead – Juliette Gaunt - Senior Lecturer/Clinical Placement Co-ordinator, Speech and Language Therapy

Learning Technology Lead – Janine Dantzie – Learning Technologist

OSIME VCC ALD CaseAdult Learning Difficulties

A referral is received by the Speech and Language therapy team based within a local Health centre. The referral comes from a Group Home and requests an assessment of a client called Terry Carter. The home manager is asking for an assessment of Mr Carter’s level of comprehension and how best to communicate with him.

You are asked to take on the referral, prepare and then visit the home to conduct an assessment of Mr Carter. During the simulation you need to consider which environment is most suitable for your assessment, observe Mr Carter’s interactions with other residents and care home staff, and decide on the assessment approach you will take.

Academic Leads: Victoria Lundie and Aydan Suphi – Senior Lecturers, Dept Speech and Language Therapy

Learning Technology Lead – Janine Dantzie – Learning Technologist