Green Screen and Chroma keying

Most of the filming we do involves using green screen environments. We have a fully customizable frame system that allows us to take any room and convert it into a green screen studio. Green screens enable us to capture video content and then, during post processing, remove the green colour from the video using a process called chroma keying.

OSIME Green Screen Setup

Chroma keying is a special effects post-production technique that involves the removal one layer of colour from a video and replaces this with something else.  After we have filmed actors against a green screen, Adobe After effects is used to remove, or key-out, the green material from the video. This leaves us with just the actors against a transparent background. We can then replace the background with any number of environments created in 3D.

OSIME Filming Green Screen

Using this approach we can, for example, film actors playing patients in our simulation suite and have them appear as patients in a GP surgery or hospital. This approach allows us to embed video content within context rich environments and often negates the need to film on location.