E-learning education and training

We've long recognised the value of e-learning and training in both the education and workplace environment. As a university, we remain focused on the quality of the educational experience as it relates to, and benefits, real-world situations. Our e-learning solutions are designed to integrate with existing classroom-based teaching and other forms of professional development as well as offer stand-alone training solutions.

At its best e-learning allows students and professionals to:

  • work at their own pace
  • access materials 24/7
  • fit learning around work-life balance
  • direct and tailor their own learning experience
  • constantly review teaching materials
  • cross-reference different learning resources
  • encounter different learning formats and styles
  • independently assess and measure improvement

From a manager’s or trainer’s perspective there is no doubt that e-learning provides significant cost benefits. However, the quality of the learning experience is paramount. A potential criticism of health care education is that students may often be presented with isolated and tailored information that, if interpreted correctly, leads to a single ‘correct’ conclusion (or system of working); this scenario is rarely encountered in the real world.

Birmingham City University has developed several e-learning solutions that allow learners to fully assimilate the knowledge and skills they need to advance their careers and become more effective in their roles - faster.

Virtual Case Creator

Virtual Case Creator (VCC) currently presents 30 simulated online case studies based on actual clinical practice that support learners in reaching sound, practical decisions using diverse information sources. Data must be found, interpreted and assessed from virtual environments that mirror those that healthcare professionals encounter daily.

Skills essential to career development and professional effectiveness can be assimilated safely using VCC and modules include aspects of practice that could contribute toward an organisation’s Quality Enhancement Targets. Competency in infection control, blood transfusion, drug administration and numeracy within a clinical environment are just some of the areas currently covered or in development via the VCC platform.


Virtuar Moving and Handling is a web-based moving and handling package that teaches the theoretical aspects of safe moving and handling via a state-of-the-art computer graphics interface. The program covers the mandatory NHS training requirements and also evaluates progress to ensure learners understand both the material and its application in the workplace. Upon completion of the training, the program can also automatically update staff records to reflect their updated skills.


ComsLive is a 3D virtual world training environment that can be used to support skills developments in aspects of care that involve team working and communications. Quantitative research has demonstrated enhanced real world practice following ComsLive training within areas such as infection prevention.

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