Interactive Entertainment Game Jam


Birmingham City University's Interactive Entertainment students participated in the one day Game Jam.

Students worked on completing a game prototype to be showcased at the end of the day to a team of lecturers and students from the University.

The students were split into three teams, with a mix of skills ranging from digital art, programming and marketing. Team members worked together to develop a concept based on the number 15.

As the time grew closer to the deadline tensions flared and problems arose as work progressed. The students worked through it with one team having to trash their ideas completely and start over from scratch. Lecturers from the course were on hand to provided critical feedback and support for students during the different stages of development.

This high intensity, fast pace work environment created a mix of unique ideas and approaches to the brief. The students were fully immersed with hands on experience to hit the ground running during their first Game Jam at the start of the course. 

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