Sarah Huisman

Sarah Huisman MA Film Distribution and Marketing 2016 graduate Sarah Huisman is now working as a Product Manager for a new film distributor in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, called Splendid Film.

The company releases mainstream to cross-over films varying from Hacksaw Ridge (Mel Gibson) to Moonlight (Barry Jenkins) or Sleepless (with Jamie Foxx).

Sarah works in the Marketing Department, where her role includes creating marketing plans and budgets, designing posters, trailers and other materials, organising premieres and other screenings and developing social media, print, outdoor and online campaigns for both theatrical and Home Entertainment releases.

“My BA was in Media & Culture (Major: Film), and after an internship at film distributor A-Film, I knew for sure I wanted to work for a film distributor. As I worked in the marketing department of Home Entertainment there, I wanted to learn more about other departments, about how film distribution and sales work in general and how the problem of DVD decline could be handled in the future. Furthermore, I love the UK and going to Cannes Film Festival has always been a huge dream.

“I absolutely loved this course and would do it again if I could. It taught me everything I hoped to learn and it is very intense yet varies so much, from “academic” to “practical” learning and from writing essays and doing research to financial calculations and live projects and event management. Because my BA was so analytical, I felt like this MA finally taught me the things I had to learn to get into the business and above all, it gave me the confidence I needed to do so. It touched upon all different sides of film distribution and what is great is that it always keeps focusing on the future. Above all, Cannes was the absolute highlight of the year – an opportunity like that is very rare, and it’s a fantastic one.

“Moving to the UK wasn’t easy since I am from the Netherlands – but I’ve never regretted it once. I would recommend it to everyone that wants to work in the film distribution industry. Going to the Cannes Film Festival and the entire year of studying have been the best experience I’ve ever had.

“In the future, I would love to work in the UK again, at a film distributor (preferably a studio) in London, and at some point in my life in the US.”