Matt Greenberg

Matt Greenberg Matt received his MA in Film Distribution and Marketing from Birmingham City University in 2016.

He is currently an Asset Specialist at the New York office of Deluxe Entertainment, where he routes post-production and marketing materials between clients (made up of studios and distributors) and the office (made up of, for example, localization, quality control and disc authoring groups).

“In the future I would love to work for a Big Six film studio, helping make and distribute the types of movies that inspired me down this path.”

“I am especially grateful of the program's Cannes Film Festival placement program for providing me with an unforgettable opportunity from the perspective of New York-based sales agent and production company FilmNation Entertainment.

"I chose the course because I wanted to learn about the business of the film industry in depth that no other universities near me would tackle. I loved the opportunity to work directly with distributors and exhibitors on the Live Project, and of course the Cannes Film Festival placement program.”