Student tells of their inspiring trip to Paris

BA (Hons) Textile Design students take an annual trip to the inspiring city of Paris. Student Holly Lloyd Williams shares about her experience and visit to Premiere Vision.
Textile Courses

Birmingham City University

"Throughout the week in Paris we managed to see a surprising amount of different galleries and landmarks. As well as scheduled trips to Galeries Lafayette, a Wallpaper Museum and of course Premiere Vision, we also got to explore places like Sacre Coeur, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre. My course mate even managed to get us tickets for a night-time boat tour of Paris along the Seine which was beautiful!

"As the tutors knew the city so well, they were able to take us to things we wouldn’t have known about otherwise; such as some incredible high end luxury shops where we could see all the latest trends and fashion collections being shown to the public. It was an inspirational experience to be able to see such alternative designs and new methods within textiles.

"It was fascinating to see the different level of skills throughout all specialist techniques exhibited. It opened my eyes to the level of professionalism required and the diversity needed in just one collection of work to be something different and commercial. Apparently Nicolas Cage and Kanye West were also there,
although only our course director saw them!

"The trip has benefitted my studies by being exposed to such a broad range of styles and different approaches particularly shown at Premiere Vision, which helped to encourage me to be a lot more experimental in my own work. I've taken a lot away from the trip and being submerged in an entirely different culture enriched
and refreshed my design and observational skills.

"The overall experience was absolutely fantastic and I would strongly encourage students to go if they can as I benefitted so much from it. It’s always great to get out of the UK to see how different parts of the world approach design. They’re long days when you’re there, but we found we didn’t want to waste any time and were so glad we fit in as much as we did!"

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